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AR TKD Master Preston and Kim Stiles

Master Preston and Kim Stiles

Preston is a sixth-degree Master black belt. He has 25 years of martial arts experience, is an internationally certified instructor, and is a certified WAKO kickboxing judge/referee and is currently Arkansas State director. Kim is a fourth-degree black belt and internationally certified instructor. Preston and Kim have been happily married for over three decades and have three incredible kids, all black belts and national champions! Preston and Kim love empowering students to become leaders in their homes and communities. They also desire to support families by building respectful, confident black belts. To the Stiles family, TKD is more than just kicks and punches; it’s building a family.

AR TKD AJ Stiles

AJ Stiles

AJ is a sixth-degree Master black belt and multiple-time national champion. AJ is happily married to his wife Mikayla, who is also a TKD student, and they both support classes each week at AR TKD. AJ has a Masters in Public Administration and is almost finished with his doctorate and wants to train students and empower them to become all they can be! AJ strongly desires to build up the next generation of leaders and equip them to support their communities and families. AJ’s heart for people drives his passion for training students in Taekwondo. Despite some learning disabilities, AJ has overcome the odds and achieved high levels of education and wants to share these abilities with others; to AJ, this is more than just a job; it’s family.

AR TKD Alexis Stiles “lexi”

Alexis Stiles “lexi”

Alexis, or Ms. Lexi as the students call her, is a fifth-degree black belt and internationally certified instructor and has a Masters in Media Management and an Associates and Bachelors in Graphic Design. She, too, is a multiple-time national champion and our weapons coach. Lexi is engaged to be married later this year to Zaman Gill. Lexi is one of the tournament team coaches and focuses on weapons training and forms. While being an internationally certified judge, she is passionate about pushing students past their own mental barriers to become outstanding leaders and martial artists. For Ms. Lexi, martial arts is a family sport, and she desires to build life-long friendships with her students and create memories they will look back on and be proud of.

AR TKD Andrew Stiles

Andrew Stiles

Andrew, or Mr. Drew as most people call him, is a third-degree black belt and national/international champion. Mr. Drew is the tournament coach and a team leader for the Tournament Team. He competes regularly and trains in several dialects of Taekwondo and is an internationally certified judge. He is currently completing his degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition. Having had a serious injury and knee surgery, Mr. Drew focuses heavily on the health of our students and ensures they are also training flexibility and mobility to help prevent injury. Drew desires to push people past their limits and see them excel in the art and in physical fitness.

AR TKD Sean Hopkins

Sean Hopkins

Sean is a fifth-degree black belt and an internationally certified instructor. He has been in martial arts for over two decades and is a certified tournament judge and valued member of the AR TKD team. Mr. Sean loves explicitly helping students with disabilities succeed in martial arts and believes that everyone can do Taekwondo.

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In addition to their expertise, our instructors are also excellent teachers who know how to create a supportive and challenging learning environment. They understand that every student is unique and tailor their approach to meet the needs of each individual.

Our instructors also prioritize safety, ensuring that students learn and practice techniques in a safe and controlled manner. They are committed to helping students build strong foundations in Taekwondo, and are available to answer questions and provide feedback.

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